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Cutting edge strategies should not be difficult to implement.

The business world has undergone rapid changes and challenges in the recent years and faces challenging years to come. Amidst of all this change and tackling all-day business it is difficult to take a zoom out and adjust the blueprint of how things are done in order to reduce complexity and negative results.

This makes it difficult to unlock the business's full potential, resulting in consequences like dissatisfied employees, reduced productivity, high turnover rates, and a loss of market share.

At the Happiness Management Institut, we assist you to smoothly implement innovative strategies to your business, creating a blueprint for both growth and happiness.

Driving positive change in your organisation.

Cutting-edge Strategies

Employ innovative methods rooted in science and business to gain a competitive edge.


Acquire insights into expediting and sustaining organizational change, with direct applications for tangible results.


Gain support for monitoring and controlling people-centric goals—because you can't manage what you can't measure.

Meta-View Insight

Attain a holistic perspective on the interconnected dynamics between employee happiness, client satisfaction, financial performance, and community impact.

Enhanced Well-being

Elevate happiness across various business levels to foster greater resilience, retention, productivity, and innovation.

Thriving Culture

Develop an organizational environment that extracts the best from individuals of diverse backgrounds to excite clients while serving a meaningful purpose.

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Enjoy a new level of team spirit and leadership with more impact, balance and fun.

We want every organisation to unlock its full potential and create a positive impact.

Scientific Methods from Neurosciences, Positive Psychology and Strategic Management.
Experienced Management Consultants, Scientists and Business Coaches with deep expertise in a wide range of industries and branches.
Proven results in various studies and publications.
Over 100 organisations participated in our programmes.

Don't waste your energy on programmes that are difficult to implement and are not sustainable. 

When choosing a program to address their needs, many businesses often end up with one that proves time-consuming, complex or costly to implement, and may not consistently achieve the intended targets. At the Happiness Management Institut we blend the wealth of experience gained from top-tier business consulting with methodologies derived from neuroscience and positive psychology. The result is a set of solutions that are both straightforward to implement and enduring in their effectiveness. So organisations can experience a positive transformation more quickly. 

At the Happiness Management Institut we research, develop and train innovative tools for business owners, team leaders, managers or supervisors to develop their leadership skills and to be powerful leaders. A leader or a whole organisation is nothing without its employees. As every human being strives for happiness and purpose, both in their work and private lives, work cultures need to change to address this. A great organisation has a great level of happiness and resilience. The team atmosphere is striving and produtive.

However, in times of rapid change, digitalisation, AI, political uncertainty and demographic change, leaders can easily become overwhelmed and stressed out.

We believe that everybody can and should achieve a high level of happiness and wellbeing and find a meaningful purpose in what they do and how they serve their clients. In times of personnel shortage, crisis or high dynamic it can be difficult to find the right strategies to address all those different requirements.

At the Happiness Management Institut we research, develop and train innovative strategies from neuroscience, positive psychology and strategic management to support organisations in driving change. We supported over 100 organisations in positively impacting their people, processes, clients or their community.

Schedule a call with us to find out how you can achieve a new level of excellence and happiness in your organisation. We then find out if one of our programmes is suitable for your needs. When you enrol in one of the programmes you will start making changes immediately in your organisation. Our great team of experienced management consultants, scientists and business coaches support your individually on the way.

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Happiness Manager

A programme for leadership and team development. Equipping business owners and leaders with strategies to empower their team. So they can become more effective and balanced as a leader.

Chief Happiness Officer

For business owners or directors who want to enhance the DNA of their business. Unleashing that hidden potential can set the business up for exponential growth and impact.

Happiness Ambassador

Addressing every employee in the organisation. A programme to conquer stress and overwhelm. Innovative techniques to improve overall happiness and well-being in order to build resilience, feel balanced and positively impact others.

Happiness Trainer

Trainers, speakers, teachers or coaches wanting to address the changes in participants' expectations and master new skills to captivate audiences and enhance retention and application rate.

Happiness Coach

A certification programme for people who want to support others in reaching their goals. Methods from neuroscience and positive psychology to help clients transform and reach a higher level of productivity and well-being.