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Stress and Unfulfillment should not be your constant companions.

In today's dynamic world, marked by rapid change, we encounter challenges that impact our physical and mental well-being. Confronting persistent stressors—whether they arise from work, finances, relationships, or personal challenges—can lead to a state of constant overwhelm.

Overlooking or being unaware of our inner purpose and drive leaves us unfulfilled in our professional lives, impacting relationships, health and career.

At the Happiness Management Institut, we not only provide you with strategies to strengthen your resilience but also guide you towards leading a balanced life, filled with happiness and excitement, affecting you and the people around you.

Enhance your level of well-being and have positive impact as a Happiness Ambassador.

Enhance Mental and Physical Well-being

Explore Bio-Hacking techniques designed to boost vitality and performance

Neuroscientific and Positive Psychology Practices

Implement techniques rooted in neuroscience and positive psychology to enhance mental and emotional health.

Build Resilience

Develop skills to effectively manage setbacks and challenges, discovering empowering meanings and purposes while fostering self-sufficiency.

Master Positive Communication

Strengthen empathy and connection skills for more effective communication.

Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

Enhance networking, socializing, and teamwork skills for more meaningful connections.


Effectively balance work and personal life, reducing stress and achieving a higher level of personal well-being and happiness.

Individual Happiness Scorecard

Use your web application to monitor your level of happiness in your various life sections. Have an overview of your level of balance and potential for development.

Personalised Business Coaching

Have our experienced consultants and business coaches support you on the way to becoming a Happiness Ambassador. Enjoy immediate implementation of your knowledge.


Have your knowledge and achievement accredited. Use it for employer branding and personal honors. Show your impact on bringing more happiness and excellence to the workspace.

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Enjoy a new level of productivity, resilience and fun.

We want everybody to tap into their inherent potentials and achieve greater levels of well-being and happiness.

Scientific Methods from Neurosciences, Positive Psychology and Strategic Management.
Experienced Management Consultants, Scientists and Business Coaches with deep expertise in a wide range of industries and branches.
Proven results in various studies and publications.
Over 100 organisations participated in our programmes.

Let’s stop stressing out and work for happiness.

In our dynamic world, most people feel stressed and overwhelmed today. At HMI, we provide innovative training techniques to enhance your overall happiness and well-being. This empowers you to experience life on a new level and feel balanced.

High-achievers, individuals providing service to others, or those supporting a team, seek to balance their work and private life while giving their best in both.

However, sometimes external or internal factors can disrupt this balance or individuals find it challenging to meet their own expectations.

To meet both external and internal expectations, we need a system that ensures well-being across different life factors.

We believe that everyone can and should achieve a high level of happiness and well-being while finding a meaningful purpose in what they do.

At the Happiness Management Institute, we research, develop, and train innovative strategies from neuroscience, positive psychology, and strategic management to support people in driving positive change. We've assisted over 100 organizations in positively impacting their people, processes, clients, or communities.

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So, let’s become a Happiness Ambassador, unlocking your full potential for well-being and happiness.