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In today’s world, managers and leaders face various obstacles. In a highly dynamic and changing environment, they must meet deadlines, achieve goals, and lead their teams. This can feel overwhelming, especially when grappling with challenges such as poor employee engagement, high turnover, or a lack of team spirit. Balancing these demands with their own work and personal lives can seem daunting for leaders.

At the Happiness Management Institute, we provide you with the tools to thrive as a leader, empower your team, and stay true to your journey.

Common symptoms leaders are facing:

  • Employees are distracted or unproductive
  • Many absences
  • Low voluntary presence in the office
  • Misunderstandings or conflicts with employees
  • Changes are implemented slowly or reluctantly
  • Average work results
  • Employees are unhappy or dissatisfied
  • Haste; deadlines are often difficult to meet
  • A lot of micromanagement is necessary
  • Overloaded as a leader

Empower your team, increase productivity, and become certified as a Happiness Manager.

Today, individuals in companies face numerous challenges, often leading to pressure to perform, psychological stress, and even burnout.

The Happiness Manager training not only equips you with strategies to cope with tough challenges and manage stress, but also focuses on igniting genuine enthusiasm, fostering a passion for your work, and achieving a high level of vitality, productivity, and happiness.

A Happiness Manager integrates modern leadership practices with elements of Feelgood Management. You will learn tools to positively influence your own well-being and your environment.

During the training, you will discover how to cultivate a happy and successful team, effectively lead individuals from all generations, and adapt your work environment and culture to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

You will develop work environments and practices that encourage personal and group excellence and happiness.

According to a study, happy employees are 31% more productive and 10 times more committed. They demonstrate higher levels of loyalty, problem-solving skills, and adaptability to change. Additionally, they contribute to fostering a more agile and positive corporate culture.

Throughout the training, you will learn methods to significantly increase your own happiness and productivity, as well as how to positively impact your employees. The program combines the latest scientific findings from neuroscience and positive psychology with modern leadership practices.

Upon starting the program, you will immediately begin applying the knowledge to your own organization, facilitating tangible results as you progress through the program.

Innovative Leadership Skills

Learn to lead more effectively, select and develop individuals more efficiently, and motivate and excite your team. Master team-building across diverse generations and personal backgrounds to be attractive to both current and future employees.

Enhanced Time & Goal management

Utilize neuroscientific methods to enhance productivity and focus. Implement strategic approaches for accelerated goal achievement and reduce stress through innovative time management techniques.

Efficient processes & Measurement

Enhance your work environment and processes with agile methodologies and Happiness Management principles. Measure your positive impact on employees, clients, the bottom line, and the community, utilizing this data for ESG reports.

Improved personal well-being

Elevate your charisma as you attain higher energy levels, increased happiness, improved self-concept, and vitality, making yourself more visible and pivotal.

Communication & Negotiation Skills

Develop the ability to discern the needs and motivations of counterparts, resolve conflicts, and negotiate more effectively. Enjoy enhanced communication skills with employees and customers alike.

Coaching & Talent Development Skills

Identify the unique talents and skills of your team members and learn methods to maximize their value contribution. Empower your employees to unleash their potential at work.

Change Management & Crisis Navigation Skills

Acquire the skills to lead through times of crisis, uncertainty, and rapid change. Identify early warning indicators and develop strategies for positive change, mastering communication at each stage of the transition.

Personalized Project Management Support

Have your team ready to apply immediately what you learn in your own project! Our experienced consultants and business coaches guide you and support you on the way. Enjoy immediate implementation of your knowledge.


Accredit your knowledge and achievements, leveraging them for employer branding and personal recognition. Showcase your impact in fostering happiness and excellence within the workspace.

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Upgrade Leadership

Experience a new level of team spirit and leadership with increased impact, balance, and enjoyment.

We aim for everyone to unlock their full potential and enhance their well-being.

  • Over 100+ organizations have participated in our programs
  • Scientific Methods from Neurosciences, Positive Psychology and Strategic Management.
  • Experienced Management Consultants, Scientists and Business Coaches with deep expertise in a wide range of industries and branches.
  • Proven results in various studies and publications.

The program offers enormous perks to help you accelerate your success:

Transform your team and workplace into catalysts for happiness, innovation, and excellence. Become a magnet for both new team members and clients.

Today's leaders often feel overwhelmed by the myriad of expectations placed upon them. At the Happiness Management Institut, we impart innovative Leadership Strategies rooted in neuroscience, positive psychology, and turnaround management. These strategies empower leaders to wield greater influence and elevate their teams.

Business and team leaders bear significant responsibility for those they lead, striving daily to drive positive change and progress. As such, leaders, managers, and supervisors must continuously hone their skills to make meaningful impacts.

An organization, and its leaders, are nothing without their employees. Recognizing that every individual seeks happiness and purpose, both professionally and personally, modern work cultures are evolving to meet these needs. A truly great organization cultivates high levels of happiness and resilience, fostering a vibrant and productive team environment.

Yet, amidst rapid change, digitalization, AI advancements, political uncertainties, and demographic shifts, leaders can easily become overwhelmed and stressed.

At the Happiness Management Institute, we believe that everyone can and should achieve high levels of happiness and well-being while finding purpose in their work and client service. However, during periods of personnel shortages, crises, or intense dynamics, it can be challenging to identify the right strategies to address these diverse requirements.

Through our research, development, and training, we provide innovative strategies to support organizations in driving positive change. Having assisted over 100 organizations in positively impacting their people, processes, clients, and communities, we stand ready to support your organization.

Schedule a call with us to discover how you can attain new levels of excellence and happiness within your organization. Together, we will determine the program best suited to your needs. Upon enrollment, you will begin implementing changes immediately within your organization. Our exceptional team of experienced management consultants, scientists, and business coaches will provide individualized support every step of the way.

Happiness should be a priority for your organization, and implementing it doesn’t have to be difficult.

So, let’s become a Happiness Manager. Unleash your full impact as a leader and cultivate a productive and happy team that wows your clients. Start making the positive impact the world needs now.

Become a Happiness Manager today.


The program is beneficial for anyone who leads people and aims to create a higher level of trust, influence, and efficiency. This includes business leaders and owners responsible for entire organizations, as well as team leaders or supervisors. Anyone seeking to motivate their team to perform at their best can benefit from this program. It also helps qualify individuals to initially lead a team or take on more responsibility within the organization.

The program is designed for implementation within your organization. Therefore, you should be able to dedicate 4-6 hours per week to implement your knowledge for maximum results. Apart from a commitment to creating change within yourself and your workspace, no academic or professional prerequisites are necessary.

The program is a blended learning experience, comprising self-paced online learning materials and personal support on an individual level to assist you in integrating the concepts within your organization. It is designed to offer flexibility in terms of working hours, location, and individual goal-setting and achievements.

The course content is organized into three areas:

  1. Manage Happiness in Yourself
    • Learn how to manage your own happiness factors for greater personal well-being.
    • Master emotional and physical self-management.
    • Learn productivity and enhanced time management skills.
  2. Manage Happiness in People
    • Learn coaching techniques to enhance your level of influence on your employees.
    • Learn how to apply change management and conflict resolution skills.
    • Discover strategies to increase customer satisfaction.
  3. Manage Happiness in Business
    • Learn how to improve your work environment for productivity and overall well-being.
    • Enhance processes for greater employee happiness and customer delight.
    • Develop a plan for achieving great results and improving recognition.

We designed our programs nearly 10 years ago and have continuously enhanced them to maximize benefits for participants and their organizations. Our programs integrate knowledge from leading thinkers, scientists, turnaround experts, and change agents. Over 100 organizations have transformed their culture, employee experience, customer happiness, and profitability with our help.

Every month, we only accept a limited number of participants to ensure the highest level of support and service. If we are unable to accommodate you immediately, you may be able to start at a later date. However, you can begin preparing and delving into the material right away.