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Uncovering the root cause of challenges can seem like finding a diamond in the rough.

Advisors, trainers, teachers, mentors, or coaches who find purpose in supporting others often encounter the challenge of their guidance not taking root. In some cases, situations may even worsen, leading to frustration and exhaustion for both the advisor and the client.

Limited motivation or resistance to change can impact the client relationship, potentially resulting in disengagement and, at its worst, communication breakdown.

The complexities of every individual's life in this world often overshadow the fundamental points and dynamics necessary for both inner and outer change.

At the Happiness Management Institut, we specialize in teaching transformative skills and a proven coaching system that helps your client to make a positive and lasting change.

Learn the skills to influence personal success and wellbeing on the deepest level as a Happiness Coach.

Coaching Strategies

Master methodologies from neuroscience, positive psychology, and happiness management to empower your clients in overcoming obstacles and creating enduring changes in their lives.

Profiling Skills

Develop skills and methods to effectively identify a person's inner values, beliefs, and motivations.

Tools & Applications

Utilise ready-to-use forms and tools in your coaching practice.

Happiness Management System

Learn the system used for quantifiably improving an individual's happiness and well-being. Direct the six happiness factors and measure the effectiveness of strategies.

Strategic Positioning

Gain a competitive advantage in coaching by understanding the historical and future development of the coaching market and finding the niche in which you can serve your clients best.

Innovative Marketing

Organize and market yourself as a coach to maximize the positive impact on others' lives.

Personal Enhancement

By committing to improving happiness in another person's life, you inherently build a foundation within yourself. Acquire techniques to elevate your own level of happiness.

Individualized Support & Supervision

Apply your newfound knowledge immediately and receive feedback from our experienced coaches and trainers.


Have your knowledge and achievement accredited. Use it for branding and personal honors. Showcase your impact on bringing more happiness and excellence to the world.

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Enjoy a new level of insight, impact, wellbeing, and fun as a Happiness Coach, for yourself and your clients.

We want everybody to tap into their inherent potentials and achieve greater levels of well-being and happiness.

Scientific Methods from Neurosciences, Positive Psychology and Strategic Management.
Experienced Management Consultants, Scientists and Business Coaches with deep expertise in a wide range of industries and branches.
Proven results in various studies and publications.
Over 100 organisations participated in our programmes.

Let’s stop stressing out and work for happiness.

Getting to the heart of a client's challenges and guiding them toward lasting change can be a struggle for most coaches. At the Happiness Management Institut, we provide training in the latest methods from neuroscience and positive psychology, equipping you to support your clients in their transformation journey and elevate their happiness and well-being.

When you are the person others turn to for advice, whether in private life or business, you possess a unique gift. It shows that others view you as an authority or expert in a particular field and value your advice. So you want to connect with your client on a meaningful level, and offer your advice in a way that your client can accept and apply it. He is able to tackle his hurdles with your advice and transists to his desired outcome.

However, in some cases the transistion might not run smoothly and levels out right at the beginning. It can be disheartening when your advice seems to fall on bare ground.

What hinders people from accepting advice? And even if they do, why can't they make the obvious changes? What holds them back, whether internally or externally? Moreover, if they manage to make a change, why do they often revert to old patterns after a while?

All of this can be immensely frustrating for an advisor genuinely concerned about their client's best outcome. The challenge lies in fully understanding the inner and outer world of our clients to provide genuine support.

To uncover the most impactful leverage point that helps clients overcome obstacles and achieve lasting positive transformation, you need to be equipped with the right tools.

At the Happiness Management Institut, we believe that everyone can and should achieve a high level of happiness and well-being and find a meaningful purpose in what they do. We research, develop, and teach innovative strategies from neuroscience, positive psychology, and happiness management to support individuals in driving positive change.

We have supported over 100 organizations so far to positively impact their people, clients, or communities.

Learn in our Happiness Coaching programme, how to comprehensively understand the client's external and internal world. Understand. Apply insights to build trust in a way that encourages the acceptance of advice. Fill your toolbox with lastest strategies and methods from neurosciences, positive psychology and happiness management. Master the tools that swiftly uncover your client's root cause of obstacles and effectively guide them toward change.

Schedule a call with us to determine if one of our programs aligns with your needs. Upon enrolling, you'll initiate immediate changes, supported individually by our exceptional team of experienced consultants, scientists, and business coaches.

Let's unleash your full impact as an advisor—create positive change and help your clients transform.