What is the happiness value of your organisation?

Owners and investors expect an adequate return on their investments. At the same time having a stake in a meaningful, sustainable and ethical organisation becomes more and more important. Learn how you can increase your company’s overall happiness value and gain a major competitive advantage.

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How happy are your employees?

Employees are the most important resource in todays companies. Happy employees are more productive, healthier, loyal and best the promotor of your company. Learn more about how you can develop your employees with latest methods from neuroscience and happiness economics.

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How can you reach operational excellence?

Happiness economics provide groundbreaking strategies to improve your value added. Reliable and happy relationships with business partners are the driving force to gain a competitive advantage. Improve processes, communication and customer happiness.

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What difference does your company make?

It is our responsibility to do business in a sustainable and ethical way. Happiness economics integrates these factors and considers them as part of the organisational strategy. Leave your footprint. For us, for our community and for future generations.

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Happiness Manager

A programme for leadership and team development. Equipping business owners and leaders with strategies to empower their team. So they can become more effective and balanced as a leader.

Chief Happiness Officer

For business owners or directors who want to enhance the DNA of their business. Unleashing that hidden potential can set the business up for exponential growth and impact.

Happiness Ambassador

Addressing every employee in the organisation. A programme to conquer stress and overwhelm. Innovative techniques to improve overall happiness and well-being in order to build resilience, feel balanced and positively impact others.

Happiness Trainer

Trainers, speakers, teachers or coaches wanting to address the changes in participants' expectations and master new skills to captivate audiences and enhance retention and application rate.

Happiness Coach

A certification programme for people who want to support others in reaching their goals. Methods from neuroscience and positive psychology to help clients transform and reach a higher level of productivity and well-being.

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