Speaches that make you happy and successful

Dr. rer. pol. Anne-Katrin Straesser is available for keynote speeches at your event or conference. She is an experienced economist and management consultant and communicates complex topics in a lively and vivid way. She connects business insights with latest research from neuroscience and happiness economics.
Enthusiastic, motivating and likable – that is how you could describe her style with which she holds her audience spellbound. With a high level of intuition for her audience she is able to support anyone with their personal happiness in order to facilitate this as a driver for success.
Experience an outstanding speaker that revolutionises also your way to success.


The Value of a Happy Organisation

Science proved a 147% increase of earnings per share (EPS) in the transformation towards a Happy Organisation. What a the key drivers of a Happy Organisation and how do you identify the Happiness Value of a company? 

HEALing the Organisation

A four stage process of freeing an organisation from destructive patterns and transforming it into a striving organism. 

Challenge your Happiness

Why happiness leads to success and how success can make you happy? A speech about the factors of happiness and how we can manage them.