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You can't outsource culture.

Every aspect of a company's development or delivery reflects its unique, inherent DNA: its culture.

Failing to manage the core energy of your business means missed opportunities for growth and scaling. The inability to control this intrinsic energy requires individual and ongoing management of each element of the organization—every system, department, and employee. This complexity not only hinders unlocking the business's full potential but can also result in symptoms such as dissatisfied employees, reduced productivity, high turnover rates, and a loss of market share.

At the Happiness Management Institut, we assist you in identifying and re-engineering the DNA of your business, creating a blueprint for both scalable growth and positive impact.

Typical Symptoms:

  • Friction points in the customer journey
  • Customer complaints
  • Poor employer ratings
  • High recruitment efforts, few proactive applications
  • Staff shortage
  • Many sick days
  • Unsatisfied employees
  • Micromanagement
  • Early warning signals are not recognized
  • Deadlines are not met
  • High employee turnover
  • Overloaded team leaders
  • Negative social media comments

Transform your organization and unlock its true growth potential.

During the CHO program, we identify and unfold step-by-step the DNA potential of your organization. 

Benefit from numerous advantages:


Analyze and optimize your own level of personal well-being and happiness. Develop strategies for a happy future.

Happy customers

Cultivate meaningful relationships with customers to enhance Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Increasing Company Value

Happy organizations consistently report higher earnings per share compared to their benchmark groups.

Streamlining Processes

Identify happiness leaks and touchpoints in your organization. Improve interfaces, communication, and responsibilities within your organization and across the extended supply chain.

Happy and self-sufficient employee base

Happy employees, aligned with their deep inner purpose, demonstrate increased productivity, loyalty, and openness to change.

Amplifying Employer Branding

Transforming your workplace culture enhances your appeal as an employer, both to current and prospective employees. Utilize your unique culture to communicate your employer brand and attract exceptional talent.

Change Management & Crisis Navigation Skills

Learn to lead through times of crisis, uncertainty, and rapid change. Identify early warning indicators and develop strategies for positive change. Master communication at every stage of the transition.

Personalized Project Management Support

Implement what you learn immediately in your own projects! Our experienced consultants and business coaches will guide and support your team every step of the way, facilitating the immediate implementation of your knowledge.


Accredit your knowledge and achievements. Leverage them for employer branding and personal recognition, demonstrating your impact on bringing more happiness and excellence to the workspace.

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Start impacting your organisation with proven methods and strategies.

Unleash Corporate & Personal Success

Enjoy a new level of team spirit and leadership with more impact, balance and fun.

We aspire for every organization to unlock its full potential and make a positive impact.

Scientific Methods from Neurosciences, Positive Psychology and Strategic Management.
Experienced Management Consultants, Scientists and Business Coaches with deep expertise in a wide range of industries and branches.
Proven results in various studies and publications.
Over 100 organisations participated in our programmes.

The program offers enormous perks to help you accelerate your success:

Let’s unlock the DNA of your organization.

Many businesses overlook the significance of their business DNA. At the Happiness Management Institut, we assist you in unleashing your company’s hidden potential, which influences every aspect of your business's reproduction. This enables you to bring out the best in your team and solutions, setting your business up for exponential growth.

As a business leader or owner, you bear great responsibility for a multitude of people—those working for you, those your organization serves, and those you encounter along the way: suppliers, distributors, service providers, and, of course, the community affected by your business, directly or indirectly. We understand your desire to design a successful organization where all participants—employees, customers, capital providers, and the community—are content.

To meet the needs of these diverse stakeholders, you must have a clear understanding of everyone's goals and expectations, defined, communicated, and integrated into every process. Failing to do so might lead to discontent among one of the stakeholder groups, resulting in high employee turnover, lengthy recruitment times, social media conflicts, or a diminishing market share.

Juggling all these elements can seem overwhelming. Yet, sustainable and profitable companies today succeed by ensuring everyone is content.

The challenge for most businesses lies in not knowing where to start or how to build a system so that the company operates as intended.

An organization cannot function without its main elements: its employees. As every human being seeks happiness and purpose in both work and private life, work cultures must address this. A great organization exhibits high levels of happiness and resilience, fostering a thriving and productive team atmosphere.

However, in times of rapid change, digitalization, AI, political uncertainty, and demographic shifts, leaders can easily become overwhelmed and stressed.

We believe that everyone can and should achieve a high level of happiness and well-being, finding meaningful purpose in what they do and how they serve their clients. In times of personnel shortage, crises, or high dynamics, finding the right strategies to address these diverse requirements can be challenging.

At the Happiness Management Institut, we research, develop, and train innovative tools for business leaders and owners to unleash their organization's growth potential and strive for another level of success and happiness. We've supported over 100 organizations in positively impacting their people, processes, clients, or communities.

Schedule a call with us to discover how you can achieve a new level of excellence and happiness in your organization. We'll determine if one of our programs is suitable for your needs.

Upon enrolling in one of the programs, you will start making changes immediately in your organization. Our exceptional team of experienced management consultants, scientists, and business coaches will support you individually along the way.

So, let’s become a Chief Happiness Officer, unlock the full potential of your organization, and strive for another level of success and happiness. Make a positive impact and wow your clients.

Happiness should be a priority for your organization, and implementing it doesn’t have to be difficult.

So, let’s become a Chief Happiness Officer. Unleash the full potential of your organization. Start making the positive impact the world needs now.

Become a Chief Happiness Officer today.


The program is tailored for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to unleash the full potential of their organization and workforce.

The program is designed for implementation within your organization. Therefore, you should be able to dedicate 4-6 hours per week to implement your knowledge for maximum results. Apart from a commitment to creating change within yourself and your workspace, no academic or professional prerequisites are necessary.

The program is a blended learning experience, comprising self-paced online learning materials and personal support on an individual level to assist you in integrating the concepts within your organization. It is designed to offer flexibility in terms of working hours, location, and individual goal-setting and achievements.

The course content is organized into three areas:

  1. Manage Happiness in Yourself
    • Learn how to manage your own happiness factors for greater personal well-being.
    • Master emotional and physical self-management.
    • Learn productivity and enhanced time management skills.
  2. Manage Happiness in People
    • Learn coaching techniques to enhance your level of influence on your employees.
    • Learn how to apply change management and conflict resolution skills.
    • Discover strategies to increase customer satisfaction.
  3. Manage Happiness in Business
    • Learn how to improve your work environment for productivity and overall well-being.
    • Enhance processes for greater employee happiness and customer delight.
    • Develop a plan for achieving great results and improving recognition.

We designed our programs nearly 10 years ago and have continuously enhanced them to maximize benefits for participants and their organizations. Our programs integrate knowledge from leading thinkers, scientists, turnaround experts, and change agents. Over 100 organizations have transformed their culture, employee experience, customer happiness, and profitability with our help.

Every month, we only accept a limited number of participants to ensure the highest level of support and service. If we are unable to accommodate you immediately, you may be able to start at a later date. However, you can begin preparing and delving into the material right away.