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Educational methods shouldn't be disconnected from the expectations of today's learners.

The educational landscape has rapidly evolved in recent years, making it more challenging to effectively engage and captivate participants in workshops, classes, or lectures.

The ever-changing technologies and techniques create difficulties for both trainers and participants in staying updated and adapting to the swiftly changing environment, often reducing the effectiveness and enjoyment of training sessions.

At the Happiness Management Institut, we provide you with the tools we use ourselves to establish a happy and highly productive learning atmosphere.

Excite as a Trainer, Speaker, Teacher or Coach and empower your audience to new levels of exhilaration as a Happiness Trainer.

Elevating Presentation Skills

Enhance your ability to present through new techniques and methods.

Enhancing Speaking Skills

Improve your speaking proficiency with the use of rhetorical concepts and humor.

Compelling Storytelling

Capture your participants' interest by presenting your material in a captivating manner.

Gamification Strategies

Increase participation and retention by incorporating playful and activating elements.

Technical and AI Competence

Elevate the impact on your audience with proficiency in new technology.

Leadership Excellence

Strive as a leader by enhancing your own happiness, personal well-being, charisma, and visibility.

Teambuilding Skills

Enhance group dynamics and cooperation by refining key teambuilding skills.

Individual Support & Supervision

Apply your newfound knowledge immediately and receive feedback from our experienced coaches and trainers.


Have your knowledge and achievement accredited. Use it for employer branding and personal honors. Show your impact on bringing more happiness and excellence to the workspace.

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Excite as a trainer

Enjoy a new level of impact, wellbeing, and fun.

We want everybody to tap into their inherent potentials and achieve greater levels of excellence and happiness.

Scientific Methods from Neurosciences, Positive Psychology and Strategic Management.
Experienced Management Consultants, Scientists and Business Coaches with deep expertise in a wide range of industries and branches.
Proven results in various studies and publications.
Over 100 organisations participated in our programmes.

Let’s stop stressing out and work for happiness.

Many trainers, speakers, teachers, or coaches feel overwhelmed with today's expectations in the highly dynamic world. At the Happiness Management Institut, we teach new skills to empower groups so you can excel as a trainer or speaker.

When you are the person speaking in front of an audience, be it as a speaker, a teacher, a professional coach, or trainer, you want to keep your participants spellbound. Moreover, ensuring they retain what they learn and apply it.

Therefore, having the tools to convey your message so that it resonates with your audience is crucial. Being able to connect with them on a deeper level, to have them accept your knowledge and be willing to retain and apply it are traits of successful speakers and teachers. Also important are ways to facilitate the learning process in your participants and make it entertaining and meaningful.

Especially in these days when attention spans shrink due to the dynamic outer world, social media, and the flood of entertainment and education possibilities, the process of delivering your message can have several jump-off points. Seeing your audience lose interest can be confusing and frustrating, causing doubt in the purpose of your message or even in yourself. It's often in the small things, like not knowing the typical jump-off points and how to mitigate those.

We believe that everyone who takes responsibility for other people's development should have the attention and acknowledgment of their audience.

At the Happiness Management Institut, we research, develop, and teach innovative strategies from neuroscience, positive psychology, and strategic management to support people in driving change. We've supported over 100 organizations in positively impacting their people, clients, or communities.

Schedule a call with us to find out how you can achieve a new level of excellence and happiness in conveying your message. We'll then determine if one of our programs is suitable for your needs.

Upon enrolling in one of the programs, you will start making changes immediately. Our great team of experienced consultants, scientists, and business coaches will support you individually along the way.

So, let’s become a Happiness Trainer, unleash your full impact as a speaker and teacher, and enjoy a proactive and happy audience. Make a positive impact and wow your people.