In our trainings you and your employees learn to utilise happiness strategies – for yourself and your organisation.
Organisations can use different training formats to learn and implement the tools and strategies from happiness economics.

Happiness Ambassador

Train your employees to be happiness ambassadors in your organisation. The seminar is about strategies, personal development and implementation. The results are a greater atmosphere, happier customers and more efficient processes.

Happiness Manager

Integrate happiness within your team and throughout the organisation. Train your employees to identify and tackle Happiness Leaks. Improve the Happiness Value of your organisation. The results are a higher productivity, a better employer branding and a sustainable position in your community.

Happiness Coach

Coach your clients with latest concepts from neuroscience and positive psychology to empower them to reach their personal and business goals. Support them to enhance their level of performance and happiness.

Happiness Trainer

Train groups in the concepts of Happiness Hanagement. Learn didactic models, activities and gamifications based on latest research in neuroscience and happiness psychology. Challenge, empower and entertain your groups and enhance their level of knowledge adaption.

1-Day Seminar „Happy Day“

Inhouse training for organisations to train employees in the concepts of Happiness Management, in the context of their own emotions, in relation to colleagues and customers and for gaining a deeper understanding of the success factors in business. Interactive, deep-dive fun workshops, full of insights and culture conception transformations.

Chief Happiness Officer

Lead and manage your organisation with a “happiness mindset”. Exclusive C-Level retreat, focussing on strategy, paradigm shifting and business transformation. Turnaround and hands-on business planning workshop retreat.