Happiness Trainer certification

Would you like to inspire groups as a Trainer or Lecturer and learn innovative and activating concepts for sustainable knowledge transfer?

Happiness Trainer certification

The density of information and the knowledge of what we must process is increasing exponentially. Numerous media and digitization also make it increasingly difficult to keep seminar participants’ attention at a high level over a longer period.

In the Happiness Trainer training you will learn the didactic concepts we use in order to achieve the highest possible level of activation and a high probability of retaining the knowledge imparted.

With a strong focus on findings of Positive Psychology and Neuroscience, you will learn methods on how to enable your participants, pupils or students to learn and use knowledge in an optimal and entertaining way, both cognitively and emotionally.

A Happiness Trainer combines modern moderation methods with elements from Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Happiness Management. It contributes to maximum activation of the participants and a positive and sustainable learning mood.

Training content:

Module 1 
Basic attitude and methods of the Happiness Trainer
  • Key functions and operational area for Trainers
  • Basic attitude and approaches of the Happiness Trainer
  • Basic concepts of Happiness Management
Module 2 
Didactic design of training
  • Forms of training, workshops and seminars
  • Evaluation and selection of adequate formats
  • Didactic design and structuring of training
Module 3 
Methods and techniquesess Trainer
  • Training methods and formats
  • Use of media
  • Activating elements
Module 4 
Organization of group processes
  • Leadership of groups
  • Analyze and control group processes
  • Intervention techniques
Module 5 
Marketing for Trainers
  • Positioning and branding
  • Profiling as a Trainer in self-employment or in the company
  • Marketing methods for Trainers

After this 3-day attendance workshop, you will receive access to further online materials and the online exam. After passing the exam, you will receive the TÜV Süd accredited certificate for “Happiness Trainer”.

If you are interested in the training please send an e-mail to: office@happiness-management-institut.com