Happiness@work – Strategies for a positive organisational culture

Dr. rer. pol. Anne-Katrin Straesser is an economist and experienced management consultant and knows that the majority of companies focus solely on financial strategies to drive their success. In her unique way to communicate complex structures in an easy-to-understand way, the expert for happiness economics puts it in a nutshell: Happiness means profit.

Straesser knows how to take her audience on a journey to happiness and illustrates how a happy organisation looks like. At the same time she makes clear that happiness has a significant function in every organisation – to boost success.

Therefore she delivers strategies for implementing happiness in organisations  - for a fast and sustainable increase of the personal wellbeing and excitement of employees and customers. The advocate of happiness presents the advantages of organisational happiness and relates to numerous examples from existing companies.
You will leave this lecture not only with a smile but with many mental breakthroughs and ideas how to make happiness work in your company.

The lecture addresses particularly company owners, board members, management and supervisors.


Content of the speech:

What is happiness?
How does happiness lead to profit?
How does happiness affect the organisational culture?
What are effective strategies to increase employee and customer happiness fast and sustainably?
Real life examples: Which companies successfully use happiness strategies.