Digitalisation of Happiness – how organisations can measure and increase employee happiness

Dr. rer. pol. Anne-Katrin Straesser inspires her audience with lastest research from happiness economics. Happiness is measurable and controlable. It is not a vague feeling of desire but meaningful and enhanceable. Being an economist and experienced management consultant the expert of happiness draws a line between personal wellbeing and corporate success. She illustrates in an astonishing way which enourmous potential employee happiness holds for the success of organisations.

Happy employees are more motivated, healthier and paint a positive picure of the organisation in public which affects customers and the community. In a practical way Straesser explains how happiness can be integrated in the company’s strategy and which methods are best used to measure and increase happiness.

The exhilerant and lively impulses of the happiness experts will lead to an unforgettable experience and certainlythe beginning of a happier organisation.

The keynotes address mainly company owners, board members, management and employees.


Keynote content:

How does employee happiness affect company success?
How does happines relate to productivity, costs and employer branding?
How can happiness be measured, implemented and enhanced?
Which potential does this concept hold for organisation?
What are the limitations for organisations when focussing on employee happiness?