Happy Day – A happiness workshop

Our “happy day“ is a one day workshop that is conducted in your company onsite or offsite in a happiness inducing location, like a special countryside session.

Contents of the happiness workshop:

Why is personal wellbeing so important for employees and its organisation?
Particpants understand the relevance of personal wellbeing and learn how to control their own happiness.
This is the prerequisite for passing on happiness to colleagues, customers or business partners.
By learning the tools within the six happiness factors the participants gain access to methods and strategies they can use both within the company and in their private lives.
Every participant measures their own happiness level and receives an individual analysis in line with his personal happiness scorecard. The aim of this seminar is to develop individual strategies to enhance the personal happiness value.


If you would like to give your employees the gift of a bit more happiness, we would love to inform you more about the “Happy Day“. Please send us an e-mail at office@happiness-management-institut.com.