Happiness Green Belt-Training

This training is conducted over several weeks and contains group workshops and individual coachings. The aim of this training is to develop strategies for each participant to enhance their personal wellbeing and to optimise the happiness touchpoints in communication processes within the company. Happiness does not only affect corporate structures with the organisation but also affects interfaces with customers and business partners.

The participant will be certified “Happiness Green Belt“® by the Happiness Mangement Institute and will function as a happiness ambassador in your organisation.

Contents of the training:

Participants learn strategies to enhance their personal happiness value
They learn how to influence the 6 happiness factors, both within their work environment and on a personal level
Social interfaces and communication processes within the company are identified and analysed
The particpants learn methods to enhance the happiness value in all four perspectives of the organisation:
How to create better relationships with colleagues, team members and managers
How can we not only satisfy our customers but exhiliate them and contribute to long-lasting happy relationships?
What do we need to create more meaningful and trusting relationships with business partners and suppliers?
What further interactions are important within our organisation and how can we increase the level of happiness in each of these interactions?


If you would like to develop your employees to happiness ambassadors of your organisation, we are happy to give you further information to the “Happiness-Green-Belt-Training“. Please write an e-mail to office@happiness-management-institut.com and we will come back to you.