Happiness Black Belt-Training

This training is conducted over several weeks and contains group workshops and individual coachings. The goal of this training is to buildcompetences within your workforce to integrate happiness strategically in the organisation.
The participants will be certified “Happiness Black Belt“® by the Happiness Management Institute. They will be able to identify and address happiness leaks in the organisation. They will be point of contact in all issues regarding happiness in order to develop strategies to enhance happiness within the organisation.

Contents of the training:

Participants develop strategies and continuous improvement of the happiness value of the organisation.
The happiness touchpoints with colleagues, team members, managers as well as with external stakeholders of the company, like customers or suppliers, will be addressed.
Participants develop competencies to measure and control the overall happiness value of the organisation.
Participants learn strategies to set up projects for improvement of the happiness value in all four perspectives of the organisation.
They know how to use controlling tools to increase happiness and how this relates to other KPIs (financially and strategically).
The Happiness Black Belts develop plans to communicate the happiness value of the organisation internally and externally, as a means for employer branding and marketing.


If you would like to develop key employees to competent happiness specialists in your organsiation we are happy to provide you with further information regarding the „Happiness Black Belt Training“. Please write an e-mail to office@happiness-management-institut.com and we will come back to you.