Dear friend,

When you are seeing this page here we either connected personally OR I have been recommended privately from someone in your network. However, you are here, because you know what we are doing and how I can support yourself or your company.

As we have had direct or indirect contact and this is my page for “friends & family” I will prioritise yourself before all other “external applicants“, if you accept this free offer:

Do you want that I show you how happiness can be your value driver in performance and success…
… totally FREE?

I have blocked some time within the next 48 hours to personally talk about we can reach your goal to become the most favorised employer in your branch and region.

During this consulting session we will personally develop a step-by-step plan. And this consulting session is free of charge.

Attention: This is not for everyone. 

• You have to be a business owner and be willing to improve your company culture.
• You need to have at least 30 employees and want to be the favorised employer in your branch and region.
• You need to be open learn how companies with a competitive advantage are set up and attract and retain highly skilled and motivated employees.
• You need to be comfortable to learn and train new scientific leadership skills in order to energise your people.
• You must display high integrity as a leader and business owner and be a positive role model.

If you find yourself in this, then please click the button below.

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Please note: Only few sessions left in the next time!

I am looking forward to personally consult with you!

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Dr. Anne-Katrin Straesser


Happiness Management Institut