Happiness as a secret ingredient for success

The expert for happiness economics, Dr. Anne-Katrin Straesser does away with belief that happiness comes down to pure luck. Latest research from neuroscience and positive psychology proves that happiness is measurable and also individually controlable.

As an economist and experienced management consultant she highlights the concept of happiness as a factor for driving success. So, can you buy happiness? Or should we say happiness leads to (also monetary) success? Straesser explains vividly the interdependance of personal wellbeing and success. As a special incentive the happiness expert reveals how everyone can “produce“ their own happiness.

A keynote that really does make happy, as the “secret“ of the production of good feelings whichlead to happiness as your permanent companion.

This keynote addresses leadership, employees and customers.

Keynote content

Interrelation of happiness and success
Can money buy happiness?
How we can “produce happiness“ again and again and keep it to stay