Get certified as a Happiness Manager and and boost your organisational project right now.

Successful leaders today see higher fluctuations and have to listen to ever increasing demands by employees or clients, hence also see different scenarios arise as they listen to the voices of experts. Read on to learn how to feel happy and see better results as a leader.

As a Happiness Manager you can support your team in achieving a higher level of happiness and performance more easily.

The Happiness Manager training not only teaches you how to design a happy and successful team but also to lead people from all generations effectively and to adjust your work environment and culture to cope with a rapidly changing world.

As a leader, accelerate how to cope with tough challenges, deal with stress and build resilience, but above all how to spark real enthusiasm, burn for your work, drive change and achieve a high level of vitality, productivity and Happiness.

Learn how how to impact your organisation on all four levels of the Happiness Scorecard: Employees, Clients, Shareholders and the Community.

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You will develop work environments and practices that encourage personal and group excellence and happiness

Today, people in organisations face many challenges as well as a shortage of skilled personnel. This often leads to pressure to perform, psychological stress and even burnout.

This program is launched to help leaders, managers, business owners and HR professionals to get access to tools, resources, content, and best practices to launch and deliver a strategic approach to Happiness Management and implement the plan within the organisation.

You will learn methods how to greatly increase your own Happiness and productivity and how to have a positive impact on the performance and well-being of your employees.

According to a study, happy organisations are 31% more productive, generate  147% higher earnings per share, 50% less safety issues and a 41% better quality. Also, their retention rate is 87% higher than their benchmark group. 

They are able to increase their employer branding and attract highly skilled personnel.

Make significant impact on your leadership skills as well as on the bottom line by supporting culture of happiness, excellence and valuable contribution.


Get your team and workplace to become a driver for happiness, innovation and excellence. Become a magnet for new team members and clients.

  • 8-weeks course with intense impact on your personal & leadership development as well as immediate implementation in your organisation
  • 2 full-day LIVE online workshop with your personal tutor
  • 7 weeks deep dive training material to enhance, practice and implement new insights and strategies
  • Ready to use tools and methods
  • 8 weeks management consulting from experienced management consultants and business coaches to help you prepare and implement your workplace happiness project
  • Examination and Certification as a Certified Happiness Manager by the Happiness Management Institut
  • Ongoing access during and after the program to other executives like you as part of the Happiness Management Community
  • Participation of Excellence Awards and ceremonies

Accredit your participation and knowledge to promote a more positive culture and communicate your employer branding.


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Learn from the experience of scientists, thought leaders and management consultants realising a world with happiness, consciousness, and excellence.


At the Happiness Management Institut, we believe that happiness is not just a feeling or soft skill, but the ultimate value driver for your organisation. We have supported over 100 leaders and organisations to cultivate a high-performing culture through evidence-based techniques and strategies.

Our Experts provide you with personalised coaching and support every step on the way, so you can confidently lead your team towards success.

This training is suitable for everyone who leads or trains employees and has a significant influence on the success of projects and delivery: Management, Department Heads, Project Manager. It is also beneficial to executives from  Human resources, Personnel development or Organisational development who would like to contribute to a positive culture.

You will impact the lives of people who want to balance their work and private life.


Perspective 1: Employee Happiness

  • Enhance your leadership role with new insights, models and applications
  • Build a culture of excellence, inclusion and recognition
  • Broaden and build on skills and passions
  • Lead a striving team and contribute to the organizational mission
  • Create an example of employer branding for attracting and retaining high-potential team members

Perspective 2: Customer Happiness

  • Form trusted and authentic Relations
  • Increase Happiness Touchpoints and eliminate happiness leaks on the customer journey
  • Create a culture of positive change and striving innovation
  • Go for product and service excellence

Perspective 3: Community Happiness

  • Operationalise environmental, social and governance (ESG) norms, policies, and programs
  • Foster community collaboration and contribution
  • Strive as a great corporate citizen in social media and in public

Perspective 4: Shareholder Happiness

  • Understand the correlation between organisational happiness and bottom line results
  • Identifying early warning indicators for crisis: diminishing Customer Happiness, Employee Happiness, Shareholder Happiness or Community Happiness
  • Being able to identify, measure and control “Halo”-KPIs
  • Being part of an ethical and integer organisation that adds value in an impactful way

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Master the art of strategy and its real-world application. Work influences our physical and mental well-being, for better or worse.
The course is a condensed 8 weeks learning experience as well as a project management support.  It’s dynamic, interactive, and tailored to your specific needs. We focus on practical, real-world strategies and techniques that you can implement to boost happiness, productivity, and team performance immediately. 

Course Curriculum 

Module 1 
Basic concepts of Happiness Management
  • Models from Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Happiness Economics
  • The Happiness Management System
  • Happiness-Stakeholder-Management
  • Enhance your impact as a leader on the four different perspectives of the organisation: employees, clients, shareholders and the community
Module 2
Manage Happiness in yourself
    • Manage your happiness factors to ensure balance and well-being
    • How to use digital and KI-Applications to reduce your workload and to ensure efficient processes
    • Stay connected to your purpose, motivation and goals
Module 3 
Personnel development & Coaching
  • Understanding different generations and personality types
  • Talent Management: identifiying the sweet spot of your people
  • Coaching skills: Connecting, influencing and motivating
Module 4
Positive leadership & leadership excellence 
  • Effective positive leadership techniques
  • Development of inspiring values ​​and vision
  • Individual and Situational Leadership
  • Forming feedback circuits
Module  5

  • Compilation of a power team and Managing DEIA
  • Forming trust and rules for communication
  • Improve onboarding and retention
  • Establishing a team spirit of excellence and happiness
  • Enhanced Team-Building Methods and strategies
Module 6 
Enhanced Communication Strategies
  • Effective and positive internal and external communication
  • Effective and positive negotiation techniques
  • Solving conflicts by Mediation
Module 7
Leading through change
  • Understanding change, its causes and stages
  • Understanding change from a neuroscience and positive psychology perspective
  • Creating change
  • Leading through change successfully
Module  8
Agile working and project management
  • Project management hacks
  • Scrum techniques
  • Agile moderation
  • Gamification and the use of KI
Module  9
 Creating and sustaining a striving work environment
  • Identify employee needs
  • Strategies for activating workplace design
  • Integrate Health, Safety, Wellbeing & Feelgood Management
Module  10 Happy Processes
  • How to increase efficiency by eliminating happiness leaks
  • boost performance by rolling out happiness touchpoints
  • Foster the practice of continuous improvement
  • Maximise impact to your internal and external clients

In 8 weeks you gain the toolset and practices of a Happiness Manager as well as carry out your own project on the way. The course finishes with an exam and a project status quo of a goal defined before.


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Example Projects

Former participants that applied their knowledge contributed in a meaningful way on various perspectives on the organisation.

Employee Perspective
  • Improved recruiting success of new hires with new Employer Branding initiative
  • Organisation of team event to improve communication and trust
  • Accelerated onboarding and increased retention rate of new employees
  • Diminished sick rates and implemented burn-out preventation programme
  • Established a corporate health circle
  • Improved work environment for higher safety and efficiency
Customer Perspective
  • Improved customer journey by identifying happiness leaks and multiplying happiness touchpoints
  • Increased Call Center Efficiency and Happiness
  • Increased Sales Rate by training sales people with Happiness Management Techniques
Shareholder Happiness
  • Increased transparency and communication
  • Linked Internal Control System to Happy Processes
  • Improved EPS by 147% after implementation of organisational happiness
Community Perspective
  • Implementing, auditing and complying with ESG regulations
  • Team Participation in a Charity Event
  • Offering a weekly conservation activity to staff and clients

Start to contribute in a meaningful way with your organisation yourself now.

Our program is delivered by experienced leadership development experts who understand the unique challenges facing today’s leaders.
  • The course includes incredible gains…

2 days Live Workshop with your personal tutor – dive into the the 10 modules and start building a framework for understanding and application. Make changes right away with your personal support.


  • 8 weeks  Deep-Dive Sessions

Enlarge your knowledge and accelerate application. Personal access to an Online Learning Management system with great quality Happiness and Well-Being Content, tools, research papers and articles.


  • Personalised Management Consulting to implement your project

Transfer your knowledge into value for your organisation immediately during the course. Define and implement your happiness project to enhance performance on at least one of the four happiness perspectives on your organisation: employees, customers, shareholders or the community. Have your personal experienced management consultant and business coach you on the way to your successful implementation.


An investment that is reflected in the happiness and performance of your work team and your professional career.

Happiness should be a pri­or­i­ty for your organ­i­sa­tion and it doesn’t have to be difficult to imple­ment.


Become a Happiness Manager now.

Start making the positive impact the world needs now.