Happiness Coach certification

Would you like to learn effective Coaching methods from Positive Psychology and Neuroscience in order to initiate lasting changes in other people?

Happiness Coach certification

Everyone has unique talents and strengths. As a Happiness Coach, you support your clients in development of their unique potential. Furthermore, you show them how to use this potential in their jobs and private lives. You will learn effective Coaching tools from Positive Psychology and Neuroscience, learn to recognize and dissolve limiting thought patterns and to achieve changes in the thinking and behavior of your clients.

The need for Coaches is increasing in an increasingly complex world. Overall, the Coaching industry has exceeded a sales threshold of € 2 billion worldwide, with an upward trend.

In this Coaching training, you will learn proven methods based on scientific knowledge in order to achieve the best results for you and your clients. The goal is a sustainably improved Happiness and Performance of your clients. At the same time, you will learn how to build a successful Coaching business and how to work full-time as a Coach.

Training content:

Module 1 
Basics of Happiness Coaching
  • Basic approaches in Happiness Coaching
  • Foundations of Happiness Management
  • Coaching models
Module 2 
  • Verbal and non-verbal Communication
  • Designing positive Communication models
  • Communication in the Coaching process
Module 3 
Intervention techniques
  • Cognitive Intervention techniques
  • Imaginative Intervention techniques
  • Selection and application of adequate Intervention techniques
Module 4 
Goal Management
  • Analysis and control of different stations in the life cycle
  • Development of activating visions
  • Strategic planning- and control process
Module 5 
Career Coaching
  • Cause, course and goal of Career Coaching
  • Talent Management
  • Biographical resource work
Module  6
Performance Coaching
  • Mental Performance
  • Physical Performance
  • “Productive states”, how to create flow
Module  7
Emotion Coaching
  • Differentiation from psychotherapeutic methods
  • Recognize and shape emotional patterns
  • Techniques for Emotion Management
Module  8
Approaches in relationship Coaching
  • Family relationships
  • Partnership
  • Friends
  • Cooperative relationships
Module  9
Coaching as a Management tool
  • Leadership styles and ethical attitudes
  • Management techniques
  • Use of Coaching methods as part of the leadership role
Module  10
Marketing for Coaches
  • Positioning and branding
  • Profiling as a Coach in self-employment or in the company
  • Marketing methods for Coaches

The course is a 16-weeks blended learning experience. After passing the exam, you will receive the “Happiness Coach” certificate for “Happiness Coach (HMI)”.

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