These days are filled with uncertainty and aggrieved faces. Turbulent news churn our minds and fear and worries around our loved ones arise. In those days, there is nothing more important than spreading love and positivity. Sharing kindness is what helps in situations like this.

Friday, March 20th is International Happiness Day and we would like to take this as an opportunity to remind you of what is important – what keeps societies in balance, what will keep you in balance. Laughter, joy and kindness will give you positive emotions and this is what we want and need nowadays. Not only because the oppressing atmosphere brightens under positivity but also because our immune systems become more resistant from positive affect (Marsland, Pressman & Cohen, 2007).

Your community needs your positive support now. Today is the day to come closer while keeping the distance. Close relationships are the most important factor concerning Happiness. The very happy people are the ones with a solid social network (Diener & Seligman, 2002). It seems ironic to mention this in times of social distancing, but I encourage you to keep up your social relationships! Call your grandma, have a video chat with your best friend and find some warm words for the cashier if you must get some groceries (go easy on the toilette paper though).

Understand these days as an opportunity to take life at a slower pace. Practice calmness and mindfulness. It is a chance to approach some fundamental questions like:

What in life is of real importance?

What can you do for the world?

-For your community?

-For your family?

-For yourself?

Calm your thoughts, find peace and focus on the important and positive. Accept the silence, make use of it and enjoy it. Now is the time to focus on the bright side of life and to stay in touch (from the distance) with loved ones. The world is coming closer together in the face of a common threat and this is a chance for all of us. Just do not lose your Happiness. Be a strong and supportive part of your community.

Your Happiness and well-being are the biggest priority for us, and we feel it is our duty to make a positive contribution to the current situation. In our Happiness Challenge™, we developed one task per day for you and your Happiness. We provide you with state-of-the-art knowledge from Neuroscience and Positive Psychology as we committed to your Happiness. A striving community of like-minded people awaits you.


Enjoy International Happiness Day and stay positive!