„Happiness is the secret ingredient of success.”  (Richard Branson)       

Our team of experienced management consultants and coaches complement your leadership skills with the latest strategies from happiness economics and neuroscience. Your personal happiness will be increased measurably, and you will learn to transfer happiness onto your organisation and use it as an efficient factor for success. Learn more …

Happiness economics delivers profound scientific knowledge to measure and optimise happiness as a strategic driver for success in your organisation. Sustainable personal wellbeing is not only a private affair of employees and leaders within the company. It rather contributes to a modern corporate culture, that aims to increase not only financial success but a holistic and meaningful personal success of every stakeholder of the organisation.
In a personal coaching we support leaders in maintaining their happiness work environment and to integrate a strategic approach of happiness in the organisation.

Personal wellbeing is the foundation for happiness of the organisation

Your personal wellbeing is the beginning of the coaching experience. Using a personal happiness scorecard we measure and analyse your personal happiness level in the different happiness factors. We are supporting you to control and increase your own level of happiness.

Success does not only mean happiness, but happiness also leads to more success

During your personal coaching experience you learn how to use tools from happiness economics to also unlock the full potential of your team. Happiness is part of your leadership style and part of the new culture of the organisation. You are working on your happiness, increasing happiness touchpoints and suspend happiness leaks.

How does happiness affect organisations?

Happy employees are more productive and take over more responsibility. The quality of communication improves and processes effiency increases.
Happiness affects our health. Happy employees are less often sick and sick-days decrease. A happiness culture in an organisation also contributes very efficiently to prevent burnouts.
Happy employees feel a strong connection with their organisation. Fluctuation decreases and the employer brand gains in value.
Happiness affects your customers – they are not only satisfied but will be exhilarated and happy and will love to continue doing business with you and spread the word about your unique levels of service.
All internal and external stakeholders will be affected by your new corporate culture. You will make a meaningful and sustainable contribution towards your community.

We would love to support you in your leadership task and complement your leadership skills based. All our coaches are not only trained in neuroscience and happiness economics but are well experienced management consultants with a track record in helping companies and leaders to reach peak performance.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more: office@happiness-management-institut.com