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Make Happiness your reliable partner in your organisation

Several companies have discovered happiness as a success factor and were able to realise measurable results in terms of increased productivity and profitability. Get access to the latest strategies of happiness economics in this 3-weeks blended learning seminar. You will intensify the application of happiness economics and will be coached through the implementation of the three pillars of happiness economics:

  • Manage Happiness as a Leader
  • Manage Happiness in your People
  • Manage Happiness in your Business

In the first section “Manage Happiness as a Leader“ the focus lies on your personal wellbeing. You learn how to implement the latest research from happiness economics in your own life. After you have identified and evaluated your personal happiness factors you will receive proven strategies to systematically control and improve your level of happiness. These methods will make happiness into a factor you can monitor and steer.

In the second section “Manage Happiness in your People“ you learn how to transfer this knowledge to other persons. Therefore you make happiness as a strategic success factor in your company in order to influence people in a positive and sustainable way. The motivation and empowerment of your employees with be an important component in your happiness mission.

The third section “Manage Happiness in your Business” deals with the relationships of your external stakeholders, like customers, business partners, suppliers or the community. You will learn methods to detect and tackle “happiness leaks” in your processes or organisation. The goal is to receive a positive perception of your company throughout your external interfaces. This will lead to improved processes, a higher customer happiness and enhanced (employer) branding. Happiness will become part of your company culture and will lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.

Content of the Blended Learning Seminar

  • Strategy call per telephone or video conference (1 hour)
  • 3-week online implementation programme for the areas:
    • Manage Happiness as a Leader
    • Manage Happiness in your People
    • Manage Happiness in your Business
  • Two Q & A calls when needed
  • Follow-up call at the end of the programme

Utilise happiness in this intensive programme in yourself and in your organisation

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Your benefits in a nutshell:

  • Improve your level of wellbeing and gain strategies to “produce happiness“
  • Learn how to implement proven happiness strategies in your personal life and in the work environment
  • Gain access to methods to identify and tackle „happiness leaks“ in your processes and organisation
  • Use happiness strategies to influence stakeholders in all areas of the organisation in a positive and sustainable way
  • Improve your relationships with customers, business partners and the community
  • Results:
  • Improved Leadership skills
  • More motivated, engaged and productive employees
  • Less sick-days
  • High loyalty of employees and lower fluctuation rates
  • Improved company culture and more efficient processes
  • Improved overall productivity
  • Significant gain in employer branding