Our Happiness Workshops provide strategies and solutions driven by research from happiness economics to address the individual challenges of your organisation.
Happiness as a measurable driver for success contributes to the productivity and motivation of your employees, improves internal and external communication and leads to a strong and positive company culture – both to be measured and experienced. Learn more….

Make Happiness your employee

You might think that your team could be more productive or motivated or communication within your organisation could be improved. Maybe also a positive team spirit is missing… Even exisiting incentive systems in your organisation do not seem to bring the expected results.
Did you ever ask the question:

“How happy are my employees?“

This is a question you might want to ask – as happiness, the personal perceived wellbing, is not only a private affair of your employees but contributes significantly to the success of your organisation. Happiness is no coincidence but can be learned and controlled. The new science of happiness economics implies this knowledge to increase the success of organisations.

It is proven that happy empoyees display:

An increased productivity and motivation
higher loyalty towards the organisation
more respectful communication
more innovative and solution-oriented behaviour
higher resilience against stress

Happiness in organisations leads to:

Decrease of sick-days
Prevention of burn-out
Attractive employer branding

Our workshops are based on scientific research in happiness economics, neuroscience and best practices in project and change management. In collaboration with your team we develop individual solutions for the specific challenges of your organisation. Using a happiness scorecard approach we define strategies for increading happiness in your firm and illustrate how to implement and control these on a daily basis.

The results of our workshops are improved processes, happier communication and a higher productivity.
Please contact us if you are also interested in increasing happiness in your organisation: office@happiness-management-institut.com.