Maximise your success with more happiness

Increasing happiness means increasing success. The latest research from happiness economics leaves no doubt – happiness in organisations means having more motivated and vital employees who are passionate about their work. These organisations have less sick days, lower fluctuation rates, a better employer branding and an increased productivity.

In our 3-part blended learning seminar you learn strategies for more happiness in your company. First, we evaluate your current organisational status and set goals in a one-hour telephone conference. Based on this you start with your first lesson of the seminar.

Manage Happiness as a Leader

In this first section you evaluate your personal happiness value using a personal happiness scorecard – a detailed analytical tool to measure your happiness value in six areas of your life. You furthermore receive an insight into strategies how to improve and control your own well-being.

Manage Happiness in your People

The insights from your work with your personal happiness will be further developed for your employees. A better work environment, a happier corporate culture, more motivated employees and lower fluctuation will be only a few of the consequences from this approach. All these will lead to an improved profit situation of your organisation.

Manage Happiness in Business

Your employees will establish all this in a happier company culture which will shine from the inside. All external stakeholders, like business partners or customers, will be affected by this.

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Details of the seminar

  • 2 Weeks blended learning seminar
  • Strategy call per telephone or video conference (1 hour)
  • 3-part online seminar, covering 6 sections for:
  1. Manage Happiness as a Leader incl. 1-month access to the individual Happiness Scorecard
    inklusive Gratis-Zugang zur Happines Scorecard für 1 Monat
  2. Manage Happiness in your People
  3. Manage Happiness in Business
  • Implementation call per telephone or video conference (1 hour)