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In this seminar you learn and implement tools and strategies from happiness economics to immediately boost your level of happiness.

First, you identify your personal happiness factors using the happiness scorecard. Then you learn how you can systematically manage these factors. Happiness is no coincidence – in this seminar you get access to scientifically proven methods to help you to improve your long-term happiness and personal wellbeing.

Details of the seminar:

  • Learn the latest methods from happiness economics
  • Identify your personal happiness factors using the Happiness Scorecard
  • Evaluate your personal happiness level in six areas of your life
  • Learn how to control your personal happiness level and gain more awareness and transparency
  • Learn how to “produce” happiness for yourself
  • Discover strategies to immediately increase your personal wellbeing in the happiness factors health, social relationships, work & career, finances and meaning

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Termin: 12. January 2018
Location: Happiness Management Institut, Königinstr. 37, 80539 Munich, Germany;
the detailed location of the seminar room will be announced in advance

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