In our trainings you and your employees learn to utilise happiness strategies - for yourself and your organisation.
Organisations can use different training formats to learn and implement the tools and strategies from happiness economics.

Managing Happiness for you and the Organisation - A Neuro Perspective

3-day Retreat in Co-operation with Sparkling Performance in Malta! - Dates: 14.-16.11.2018 and 29.1.-31.1.2019

1-Day Seminar „Happy Day

A day for more happiness with your employees. Learn strategies, make happiness exercises and have fun!

Happiness Green Belt® Training

Train your employees to be happiness ambassadors in your organisation. The seminar is about strategies, personal development and implementation. The results are a greater atmosphere, happier customers and more efficient processes.

Happiness Black Belt® Training

Integrate happiness strategically within your organisation. Train your employees to identify and tackle Happiness Leaks. Improve the Happiness Value of your organisation. The results are a higher productivity, a better employer branding and a sustainable position in your community.

Blended Learning Seminar „Manage Organisational Happiness

Learn basic strategies from happiness economics for your organisation in personal telephone conferences and online sections. Work through the sections in your own time and where you want. More happiness means more success.

Blended Learning-Seminar „Implement Organisational Happiness

Integrate strategies and tools from happiness economics in your organisation. Get supported by personal telephone conferences and online sections. Get specific implementation support for happier employees, happier customers and a positive and striving company culture.